What style reading is good for you?

What style reading is good for you

It’s Spring! I’m waiting for that sun to warm everything up. I want to focus on what kind of reading is good for you. What do you expect when you attend a reading? I always say the information given is usually what you need to hear not necessarily what you want to hear. Spirit is always in control so they will make sure what needs to be said is said. Do you prefer private readings or going into a group? I offer private readings at my office in Bridgewater, MA or by phone. I love being able to continue to offer them because it can be beneficial in the healing process. It’s one whole hour dedicated to you!

On the other hand, gallery readings are great as well. With galleries you have the option to bring your friends and family to share the experience of spirit. Depending on the size of the gallery you may not receive a reading. Now, keep in mind spirit is always with you, however on the larger scale your loved ones may be selfless enough to step aside so others can connect that night. Some people receive messages without me standing in front of them so it’s always good to pay attention. Some people like to go to support their loved ones and may not intend on receiving any messages. When people ask what I think they should do I respond with, go with your gut and what you are gravitated to do. With that being said, I am booking for both private readings and gallery readings. I hope I see you in the future.

I’m so excited to go back to Hotel 1620 with Easy 99.1FM! This is my fourth show with them and they now how to put on an event. Located in Plymouth they offer light appetizers and specialty drinks for the night. I’ll be supplying the spirits! I’ll also have a whole new “We Are Never Truly Alone” apparel. It takes place Thursday, April 12th!

I’ll be going up to the Northshore to Salem, MA on Saturday, May 19th to Harrison’s Comic Store to give them a one of a kind gallery reading from 4-6pm. I love the hauntingly beautiful town of Salem. The history and sites to see are enough to go. I’ll bring the spirits! All ticket holders receive 10% off their retail sale at Harrison’s that day as well!

I put the good word out on where you would like to see me and I have had many responses. Thank you for your time and great suggestions. I’m working with my team diligently to get out there to your neck of the woods. I’ll be announcing more soon!