Visions of Spring

visions of spring

March is here! It’s coming in like a lion. I feel a little spring in your step! No pun intended. A time for rebirth and fresh starts. It’s my birthday month so another trip around the sun. Another year is a fresh start to me. Reminds me, have you ever done a vision board? Putting pictures and phrases on an outlook board and following through. The purpose is to motivate yourself to go and achieve your goals. It’s a great time of year to start your own. I should do a class on it. With that being said, what classes would you like to attend at The Shop? I want to focus on self healing whether it is through meditation classes, sound healing, or manifestation classes. The healing starts with you first. I will be also adding more gallery readings with new locations on the Northshore of MA and in some of the most unusual locations. I would love to bring your spirits your way. I’m always looking for new venues so I can share these messages and validations with you.

The Shop at 200 Elm has it’s own Facebook page. If you would like to go and give it a “like” that would be fabulous. We offer all different modalities of healing. We have our Monday night weekly Yoga With Purpose with Rachelle (Gentle Yoga). Sound Healing with Kristin the last Wednesday of the month and this month we welcome Daryl James with his Angel Card Readings on the 29th. All events and classes are listed on the page. Thank you all for your support as always.

Let that sun shine in and the warmth fill your soul.