Ups and downs…

ups and downs

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer! This season has been tough for me. There’s been a lot of ups and downs. I guess to experience one of these emotions, you have to know what the exact opposite is. I’m grateful because through this, I’ve allowed my vulnerabilities to be exposed and let love heal them. Let’s say it will always be a work in progress. Can any of you relate? It’s raw emotion. In times of grief they always say you know who your loyal tribe is. Let me say, my family, friends, clients and even people that I was acquaintances with came through offering support. If I had doubts on being alone, I have been quickly corrected. There is no shortage on love.

Why did I want to bring this newsletter to a personal level? Well, I’m human and we walk parallel paths sometimes. Most of us have met through grief and through grief blossoms strength, love, acknowledgment and healing. That’s raw emotion. Be mindful before you speak as someone may be struggling this season.

To leave things on a festive note, I am blessed to have all of you part of my world. Sending love, healing and happiness this season. We are all in this together!