The power of prayer…

the power of prayer

So this newsletter is a little different this month. I want to take a moment and focus on how important the power of prayer and setting your intentions is. The most recent of Mother Nature’s events has put everyone in a tailspin. My heart goes out to those in Texas that are trying to survive the devastation Hurricane Harvey. The wildfires in California, Idaho, Montana and Nevada continue to rip through the Northwest. We have loved ones evacuating and locking down their homes in Florida awaiting Hurricane Irma, keeping in mind her power already destroyed areas in the Virgin Islands. I woke up to hear of the 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico. Why am I bringing this to the forefront? This is what is happening.

Have you heard of the power of prayer? This is when setting your intentions and praying can speak volumes. We need to find that unity as a community and band together. Reach out to resources to help, donate, most importantly get educated on what you can do. I’m hoping this all passes and we can rebuild, re-home, and protect one another. This is why it is so important to come together. It doesn’t matter ethnicity, what you make for a living, or what religious views you have. WE ARE ALL BEINGS! Focus on that. Together we can heal. There is no other option. Open your eyes and most importantly your hearts. I pray and set my intentions that someday soon everyone else will understand that. Until then I will be responsible for my own energy. For those that agree, please do what you can to help. Praying for this world to come to a balance of peace.