Pumpkin spice and everything nice…

Pumpkin spice and everything nice

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice with a little Hocus Pocus!

Join us Saturday, October 14th from 10AM – 5PM at 200 Elm Street in Bridgewater, MA for readings, Reiki, and enlightenment! We will have refreshments and all things pumpkin spice of course!

What is offered:

  • Spirit Medium Readings with Tiffany Rice – Exclusive for this event Tiffany connects with loved ones in spirit. Friends, Family and pets can come through offering validation and messages during your connection with spirit.
  • Angel Readings with Darryl James – Darryl helps you receive guidance and learned lessons with intuition from your Guardian Angels using an Angel deck.
  • Tarot Readings with Charlie Snow – Charlie helps you discover ways to look into the reasons behind the things you do with the ancient wisdom of the tarot deck.
  • Reiki Healing with Jeanette Garcia – Jeanette is a Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki meaning “energy life force” helps provide deep relaxation and healing using universal energy. She also provides the healing using her crystals as well.
  • Aura Photography & Intuitive Reading with Nicole Lahousse – Nicole takes a snapshot of your Aura and energy using her specialized Aura camera. Her intuitive reading on your personalized photograph provides self awareness to your current situation.

Please contact Tiffany to pre-register & secure your time slot.

All are welcome!