Moving into summer…

summer moves

Spring puts a pep in my step. How many of you are already planning summer vacations? Do you feel the sense of motivation? Embrace it and start to lay out your ground work for your next move. After multiple requests, I’ve been motivated to plan out my schedule to offer more small group readings. I am offering group readings of up to eight people and I read in a gallery style for two hours. These group readings are offered Monday through Thursday. I like to keep the group on the smaller side so everyone gets an ample amount of time with their loved ones in spirit. Please contact me for more information.

I have also added more fundraising events starting in June. It’s always nice to give back and help the community. I thank you all as a community coming together and helping these causes. The best part is that it’s like a big family coming together. That is what it means to be connected by the heart.

It’s a short yet informative newsletter this month. I’m allowing more time to respond to your emails and have to get back to work! Stay motivated, keep positive, you got this! Spring ahead!