Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It’s time to start fresh and take some deep cleansing breathes. What are you bringing with you from last year to help you compliment your life this year? Is it patience? motivation? inspiration? I like to set up a vision board or simply write all of my thoughts of who I am while being mindful of what I put out and want to put out into the Universe. Is it going for that dream job? Having a healthy lifestyle? Working on your own personal relationships with friends, family or significant others? When we start putting our intentions out into the Universe we start to manifest. How amazing is that? Let’s start. Do not let doubt get in the way. Ready? Start with the top five ideas that you see yourself doing. It can be anything. Remember it’s all about you. You don’t have to be close to achieving them, however by committing to writing it down is a start. That’s it. One small step can lead to higher self-awareness. You can do it!

This year I’ll be offering more classes. I’ve been doing them by demand and the demand has increased. Yay for me and you! Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep informed on any of my upcoming classes. I will also be adding more locations on the south shore of MA for events and readings for your convenience. Here’s to a new year of living life, sharing memories and connecting with spirit!