Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I think I see a clearing up ahead. Could it be that shimmer of light out of the darkness that we’ve been struggling through the last part of 2017? I’m noticing there has been some recent clarity and lessons learned respectively. If you are still going through it, you are not alone. This year at my shop (I know, I know still working on a name that will be just right) we will be focusing on more classes to help you to process and let go of whats been holding you back. This is a new beginning for you. As they say, there’s 12 new chapters to write with 365 chances. I like the sound of that. Last part of 2017 a lot of us dealt with our vulnerabilities being brought to the surface. It’s how we chose to process and react to them that made a difference. Being mindful can play a major role in your outcome. We will also be adding more meditation and manifesting classes to help you get on the best path for your mind, body and soul.

This may be your sign to let’s get it going! I have high hopes for all of us. Healing, creating and connecting are the words that are music to my ears. I hope this newsletter finds you at peace. I look forward to seeing you this year!