Happy February!

Happy February

The month of love. Hallmark made up this little holiday named “Valentine’s Day”. Have you heard of it? 😉 Some of you will spend it with the ones you love. Some of you may not have that “one”. Love yourself first. Take yourself to the movies, go to dinner, book a spa treatment. I usually treat myself to chocolate and spend it with my fur-babies. For those of us that have a partner in spirit, you might want to pay extra attention for those signs. They will appear when they least expect it. I find heart shapes everywhere I go. Celebrate how lucky you are to have experienced the kind of love that some of us haven’t had the opportunity to have…yet. Know that infinite love is there and will always be.

Rose quartz is good for love, compassion and healing. I like to keep it nearby. Bringing all those love vibes my way. Some even sleep with it under their pillow. Essential oils that would be good to diffuse this month would be lavender, patchouli, geranium, ylang ylang, peppermint, jasmine and sandalwood. Most Young Living Essential Oils are available at my shop or to order. As always self-love and care come the very first.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending you all love from my heart to yours!