Visions of Spring

visions of spring

March is here! It’s coming in like a lion. I feel a little spring in your step! No pun intended. A time for rebirth and fresh starts. It’s my birthday month so another trip around the sun. Another year is a fresh start to me. Reminds me, have you ever done a vision board? Putting pictures and phrases on an outlook board and following through. The purpose is to motivate yourself to go and achieve your goals. It’s a great time of year to start your own. I should do a class on it. With that being said, what classes would you like to attend at The Shop? I want to focus on self healing whether it is through meditation classes, sound healing, or manifestation classes. The healing starts with you first. I will be also adding more gallery readings with new locations on the Northshore of MA and in some of the most unusual locations. I would love to bring your spirits your way. I’m always looking for new venues so I can share these messages and validations with you.

The Shop at 200 Elm has it’s own Facebook page. If you would like to go and give it a “like” that would be fabulous. We offer all different modalities of healing. We have our Monday night weekly Yoga With Purpose with Rachelle (Gentle Yoga). Sound Healing with Kristin the last Wednesday of the month and this month we welcome Daryl James with his Angel Card Readings on the 29th. All events and classes are listed on the page. Thank you all for your support as always.

Let that sun shine in and the warmth fill your soul.

Happy February!

Happy February

The month of love. Hallmark made up this little holiday named “Valentine’s Day”. Have you heard of it? 😉 Some of you will spend it with the ones you love. Some of you may not have that “one”. Love yourself first. Take yourself to the movies, go to dinner, book a spa treatment. I usually treat myself to chocolate and spend it with my fur-babies. For those of us that have a partner in spirit, you might want to pay extra attention for those signs. They will appear when they least expect it. I find heart shapes everywhere I go. Celebrate how lucky you are to have experienced the kind of love that some of us haven’t had the opportunity to have…yet. Know that infinite love is there and will always be.

Rose quartz is good for love, compassion and healing. I like to keep it nearby. Bringing all those love vibes my way. Some even sleep with it under their pillow. Essential oils that would be good to diffuse this month would be lavender, patchouli, geranium, ylang ylang, peppermint, jasmine and sandalwood. Most Young Living Essential Oils are available at my shop or to order. As always self-love and care come the very first.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending you all love from my heart to yours!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I think I see a clearing up ahead. Could it be that shimmer of light out of the darkness that we’ve been struggling through the last part of 2017? I’m noticing there has been some recent clarity and lessons learned respectively. If you are still going through it, you are not alone. This year at my shop (I know, I know still working on a name that will be just right) we will be focusing on more classes to help you to process and let go of whats been holding you back. This is a new beginning for you. As they say, there’s 12 new chapters to write with 365 chances. I like the sound of that. Last part of 2017 a lot of us dealt with our vulnerabilities being brought to the surface. It’s how we chose to process and react to them that made a difference. Being mindful can play a major role in your outcome. We will also be adding more meditation and manifesting classes to help you get on the best path for your mind, body and soul.

This may be your sign to let’s get it going! I have high hopes for all of us. Healing, creating and connecting are the words that are music to my ears. I hope this newsletter finds you at peace. I look forward to seeing you this year!

Ups and downs…

ups and downs

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer! This season has been tough for me. There’s been a lot of ups and downs. I guess to experience one of these emotions, you have to know what the exact opposite is. I’m grateful because through this, I’ve allowed my vulnerabilities to be exposed and let love heal them. Let’s say it will always be a work in progress. Can any of you relate? It’s raw emotion. In times of grief they always say you know who your loyal tribe is. Let me say, my family, friends, clients and even people that I was acquaintances with came through offering support. If I had doubts on being alone, I have been quickly corrected. There is no shortage on love.

Why did I want to bring this newsletter to a personal level? Well, I’m human and we walk parallel paths sometimes. Most of us have met through grief and through grief blossoms strength, love, acknowledgment and healing. That’s raw emotion. Be mindful before you speak as someone may be struggling this season.

To leave things on a festive note, I am blessed to have all of you part of my world. Sending love, healing and happiness this season. We are all in this together!

Bibbity boo…

Bibbity boo

The Fall weather is here I’m enjoying a hot pumpkin spice coffee as I type! Bibbity boo and trick or treating is here. I feel like with all of my newsletters, I comment how much I love that certain time of year. I pick pieces of each time of year and cherish them or maybe because it brings back memories of my childhood. Enjoy the moment is what it translates into that’s what we have.

I want to start off by saying in these times of uncertainty, there is one common bond. It’s love. Allow love to rise over fear and hate. We are allowing this created fear to dictate our daily lives. In one of my meditations we deal with what our fears are and how they are controlling our well-being. Here’s my message to you FEAR, Face Everything And Rise! As I’ve mentioned before, as we unite, we build a solid foundation. Stand with each other.

I intended to keep the newsletter light, so I will continue with let’s raise our healing vibration once again. Love the ones that touch your heart, spend time together, pick out Halloween costumes, enjoy hot apple cider together, go pumpkin picking and never stop loving.

This season also brings many events at the office. Lectures, Fairs, and new classes! I will also be offering gallery readings at two new locations, Portuguese American Club in Martha’s Vineyard and Plymouth Memorial Hall. How exciting! I hope to see you soon!

The power of prayer…

the power of prayer

So this newsletter is a little different this month. I want to take a moment and focus on how important the power of prayer and setting your intentions is. The most recent of Mother Nature’s events has put everyone in a tailspin. My heart goes out to those in Texas that are trying to survive the devastation Hurricane Harvey. The wildfires in California, Idaho, Montana and Nevada continue to rip through the Northwest. We have loved ones evacuating and locking down their homes in Florida awaiting Hurricane Irma, keeping in mind her power already destroyed areas in the Virgin Islands. I woke up to hear of the 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico. Why am I bringing this to the forefront? This is what is happening.

Have you heard of the power of prayer? This is when setting your intentions and praying can speak volumes. We need to find that unity as a community and band together. Reach out to resources to help, donate, most importantly get educated on what you can do. I’m hoping this all passes and we can rebuild, re-home, and protect one another. This is why it is so important to come together. It doesn’t matter ethnicity, what you make for a living, or what religious views you have. WE ARE ALL BEINGS! Focus on that. Together we can heal. There is no other option. Open your eyes and most importantly your hearts. I pray and set my intentions that someday soon everyone else will understand that. Until then I will be responsible for my own energy. For those that agree, please do what you can to help. Praying for this world to come to a balance of peace.

What’s new at 200 Elm…

Yoga at 200 Elm

It’s hot out there. The Summer is midway through. I’m taking some time off in August to spend time to recharge my batteries and see friends and family. How has your Summer been? Have you given yourself time to relax? How about go to the beach? I still haven’t gone yet – it’s on my list.

Need help relaxing? Every Monday morning at 200 Elm Street, we offer an hour long meditation class. If that day doesn’t work, we offer a Friday morning Yoga class for all levels. It’s just a little something to start your week or start your weekend with. Good intentions all around.

Thank you to everyone that has reached out or commented about the new space. I’ve gotten all positive feedback so far. Is there a particular class or lecture you would like to partake or see offered? Please let me know. We are currently offering:

  • Private Medium Readings (with yours truly)
  • Small Private Group Readings
  • Reiki Sessions
  • Reiki Certification Classes
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Hypnosis
  • Past Life Regression
  • Tarot Readings
  • Intuition Classes
  • Create & Take Essential Oil Classes

We are adding more events and classes along with bringing some amazing people to the crew at 200 Elm Street. Deep breathes and seize the day. Go on in love and light and always live for your highest and greatest good! I’ll see you in the Fall!

Wellness space…

office key

The weather is getting warmer! Have you been as busy as I am with graduations, communions, and confirmations? There’s a lot to celebrate! There is something big for me that I’d like to celebrate. Something came about in May that I am so excited to announce. Are you ready? July 1st I am opening my doors to my brand new office space that will offer different modalities of healings and wellness. Gallery and private readings, Reiki, Hypnosis, Tarot readings, Meditation, classes and more will be available. We are renovating from the bones up. Located in my hometown of Bridgewater, MA on a quiet road, the new space provides room for other holistic healers to join in on this beautiful spot. I will be adding pictures to my website to share with you once construction is complete.

This is when I ask you. What is it that you would like to see more of? What classes would you like to attend? I want to hear suggestions from you. We have the space, let our like mindedness come together and really enjoy it. Thank you all for your continued support. Let’s see what the Summer brings!

Moving into summer…

summer moves

Spring puts a pep in my step. How many of you are already planning summer vacations? Do you feel the sense of motivation? Embrace it and start to lay out your ground work for your next move. After multiple requests, I’ve been motivated to plan out my schedule to offer more small group readings. I am offering group readings of up to eight people and I read in a gallery style for two hours. These group readings are offered Monday through Thursday. I like to keep the group on the smaller side so everyone gets an ample amount of time with their loved ones in spirit. Please contact me for more information.

I have also added more fundraising events starting in June. It’s always nice to give back and help the community. I thank you all as a community coming together and helping these causes. The best part is that it’s like a big family coming together. That is what it means to be connected by the heart.

It’s a short yet informative newsletter this month. I’m allowing more time to respond to your emails and have to get back to work! Stay motivated, keep positive, you got this! Spring ahead!

New(s) beginnings..

April showers

April showers bring May flowers! Are you anticipating those flowers to bloom like I am? I love the scent of the fresh rain. It’s all about new beginnings. Speaking of which, I am happy to announce that I have been collaborating with Greta Ferrera Owner of Studio 27 and Johnny Mac’s Sweet Spot located at Three Trescott Street in Taunton, MA. We have put together some classes for “Wellness Wednesdays”. I’ll personally be offering Gallery readings, intuitive classes and meditation. We have opened it up to also offer Hypnosis for weight loss, stress reduction and smoking cessation. It’s not just that there will also be Reiki Certification, Pet Reiki, Tarot for Beginners and Essential Oils 101. There’s so much more being offered so please check out Johnny Mac’s Facebook page.

As part of collaborating with Greta, it was brought to my attention how much I truly love helping others. People in the same holistic field and small businesses hold a special place in my heart. If you are part of the holistic field or own your small business, please reach out to me! I would love to share your info and maybe even collaborate. We succeed when we help each other.

A couple more things! I am so blessed to be part of Today’s Easy 99.1 FM as there Spirit Medium. I will be returning to the studio on April 13th from 7-8 am for call in readings, which I love connecting with you. If you live outside of the area, you can still listen in via the WPLM website and call in on their request line 877-EASY-991 (877-327-9991). They are also hosting a special event, An Evening with Spirit Medium Tiffany on May 11th. It is sold out, but stay tuned for a possible additional date. Fingers crossed!

The next announcement I have is that I have NEW long-sleeve t-shirt hoodies available. There are four color variations that I have posted on my social media and website. I think that’s it! Thank you all for taking time out of your hectic schedule to read this. Until next month!