Bibbity boo…

Bibbity boo

The Fall weather is here I’m enjoying a hot pumpkin spice coffee as I type! Bibbity boo and trick or treating is here. I feel like with all of my newsletters, I comment how much I love that certain time of year. I pick pieces of each time of year and cherish them or maybe because it brings back memories of my childhood. Enjoy the moment is what it translates into that’s what we have.

I want to start off by saying in these times of uncertainty, there is one common bond. It’s love. Allow love to rise over fear and hate. We are allowing this created fear to dictate our daily lives. In one of my meditations we deal with what our fears are and how they are controlling our well-being. Here’s my message to you FEAR, Face Everything And Rise! As I’ve mentioned before, as we unite, we build a solid foundation. Stand with each other.

I intended to keep the newsletter light, so I will continue with let’s raise our healing vibration once again. Love the ones that touch your heart, spend time together, pick out Halloween costumes, enjoy hot apple cider together, go pumpkin picking and never stop loving.

This season also brings many events at the office. Lectures, Fairs, and new classes! I will also be offering gallery readings at two new locations, Portuguese American Club in Martha’s Vineyard and Plymouth Memorial Hall. How exciting! I hope to see you soon!