Tiffany RiceThroughout the years, Tiffany Rice has always had a sense of “knowing”.

Upon becoming a Reiki Master (Japanese healing), Tiffany became aware of her senses and abilities increasing with each life event. Being able to identify with fellow colleagues she realized her gift of being a Medium was accelerating rapidly. The pieces of the puzzle were finally starting to fit. Tiffany is now a renowned Spirit Medium. She dedicates her life sharing her uplifting and enlightening gift to those that are going through the stages of grief.

She also has interest in the paranormal and knows that the paranormal is an extension of the Spirit World. Spirit at times will have an uncanny connection to certain locations where Tiffany is able to connect the emotional side to the factual side helping historical societies and special residential locations.

In her downtime, Tiffany spends time with her family. Being adopted she has a large family base that supports her. Along with family time, her friends aka “Tiff’s team” play a huge role to keep her grounded. Traveling and exploring locations and new places is what brings her inner peace to her active lifestyle. At home in the suburbs outside of Boston, she is a happy mother of three furbabies, Lily, Chloe, and Olive.

If you would like to get in touch with Tiffany you can contact her via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or message her though the contact page on this site. If you would like information on upcoming events and promotions, please sign up for her email newsletter.

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