In like a lion, out like a lion…


It’s almost that time for Spring to get here! March definitely came in like a lion this year. I’m not sure about you, however there’s been flashes of good news and trials and tribulations to go through for me. Is it the in the air or the energy?

What I can tell you is that everything that has and/or is happening is nothing short of an experience consisting of a lot of deep breathes and trusting in myself and the Universe. What seemed like the end was just a notch of going deeper and learning more about myself. Every action has a reaction and it’s how you learn to react that delivers your outcome.

What do you do when you feel like you keep getting hit with obstacles? I thought to myself, ” this wasn’t part of my master plan that is in store for me.” I know, easier said than to go through those feelings. I set my intentions for my highest and greatest good and I continued on unveiling layers of why things bothered me or just wasn’t working. The realization was that I wasn’t being true to myself and looking out for my best interest. I allowed myself to be consumed constantly of the worries and concerns of everyone around me and I took it on like a sponge. I talk about taking care of yourself all the time and here I was not following my own guidelines. The Universe quickly put an end to that because my energy was being zapped and I didn’t see it happening.

Deep breath…At the end of the day, I can say my batteries are recharged, healthy boundaries are in place and those layers that have been peeled back have been replaced with beautiful silver lined energy that is revitalizing and serene all in one. So am I looking forward to March leaving like a lamb? Nope, I’ve embraced the majestic lion that is not a trophy yet a force to be reckoned with through strength and courageous. I am stronger and empowered.

Thank you for reading my heartstrings this month. I am human after all. Sending you all love and if you are struggling, know that you are strong and there is nothing you cannot handle. Be the light for yourself.